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When Maria Fitzgerald and Neale Bayly traveled to Hogar Belen, a Community of the Congregation Our Lady of the Missions Peru, in 2008 to perform a medical mission for the Abandoned Children of Moquegua, they had no idea where it would lead.

Neale had met Maria’s brother, Father Giovanni Battaglini, in Peru in 1995 on a motorcycle adventure ride, and became connected with Maria after his death in 2001. As part of his work in Peru, Father Giovanni had cared for many orphans around the country, and Maria had been fundraising for him to help the children of Hogar Belen for many years so it was only natural they should visit together. On their return from Peru, Neale and Maria decided to form Wellspring International Outreach, to further fundraising efforts for the children of Hogar Belen in Peru.

Since that initial trip to Peru, Neale and Maria, through Wellspring, have been providing support for the children, including building a bridge across the dangerous river that separates Hogar from the town of Moquegua and a new bakery with a commercial oven for bread baking.

In 2013, Neale led a motorcycle ride that was filmed for American television. In his show, “Neale Bayly Rides: Peru,” the riders arrived at Hogar Belen to raise money and awareness for the children. Neale and Wellspring went on to adopt another project in White River, South Africa later that year, which included building homes for orphaned children. In 2016, Board member Drew Alexander, who had been heading up the South Africa project,built two community kitchens in White River. In 2017 Neale started visiting Sister Jiovanna Beltran, one of the original Sisters from Hogar Belen, in Kenya as she had been re located. Wellspring then raised funds to assist families with disabled children, which included purchasing donkeys to carry water and goats for milk and food. We also donated our first motorcycle to one of Sister Jiovanna’s rural aid workers.      

By 2019 Covid had arrived and with international travel suspended Wellspring was forced to abandoned the projects in Africa, and focus solely on supporting Hogar Belen in Peru; even though it wasn’t possible to visit. Then in 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine, and Neale began traveling to Ukraine to raise money and awareness for the children injured and affected by the war. Today, in early 2024 Neale has just returned from Peru, and Wellspring is now focused on supporting Hogar Belen in Peru and also the children injured in Ukraine.

Over the years we have had the privilege to work with some incredible people who have donated their time and money to allow Wellspring to support children in need around the world.

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Neale Bayly

"The greatest failing would be our failure to act."

Our Team

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Neale Bayly


Neale Bayly is a photojournalist and travels the world extensively for his job. During an adventure motorcycle ride to Peru he met Father Gio, and learned about his work with the poor and needy in some of the more remote parts of the country. With Gio’s death in 2001 Neale was connected with Gio’s sister, Maria Fitzgerald. Maria has been fundraising for the abandoned children of Moquegua since the early 1990s. This resulted in the forming of Wellspring International Outreach, after the duo traveled to Peru in January 2008 to arrange medical care to the children. Neale’s goal through Wellspring is to build a new home and a secure future for these children in need.


Caleb Steverson

Donations Coordinator

Caleb is a dedicated Wellspring volunteer. With several years of experience in missions, community outreach, and his role as the Director of Agent Development for NSC Agency, he brings a wealth of expertise to our organization. Caleb has served in several leadership roles throughout his career, including Director of Ongoing Development, Area Manager, and his current role, where he has led many teams to achieve significant success.

Beyond his professional achievements, Caleb is deeply committed to making a positive impact in the community. He has volunteered with numerous non-profit organizations, including Tasch Ministries International, Elevation Church, The Refuge Church, and others, where he has demonstrated a passion for helping others.

In addition to his philanthropic endeavors, Caleb has received recognition for his outstanding leadership and contributions to his company. He has most recently been appointed as a member of NSC Agency’s Leadership Team.

As a volunteer, Caleb brings his extensive knowledge and philanthropic heart to Wellspring. His leadership, strategic thinking, and dedication to our mission will be invaluable in helping us achieve our goals. We are honored to have Caleb on our team and look forward to the impact he will continue to make through our organization.


Drew Alexander

Board Member

Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York, Drew was raised with a commitment to caring and helping those who less fortunate. He has spent much of his life working with many charitable organizations as a volunteer and also as a paid professional for a number of years.

Drew is also fiercely passionate about motorcycles, which coincidentally is what brought him to Wellspring International Outreach. As a motorcycle industry professional since 1999, Drew hosted a weekly motorcycle radio show in Washington, D.C. During his tenure on the show, Drew had the pleasure of interviewing Neale Bayly in 2013 when the TV show Neale Bayly Rides” was premiering on the Speed network. This initial meeting led to a long motorcycle ride together in Pocahontas Co., West Virginia, where Drew offered his help to Wellspring International Outreach with an upcoming project in White River, South Africa. Since then, Drew has led two major fundraising and construction efforts in South Africa, and to date, WIO has built two family homes and two community centers in township of White River. In addition to overseeing the fund raising and construction in White River, South Africa, Drew is an Integral part of the daily running at WIO.

Drew and his wife Liz live in Frederick, Maryland, along with “too” many pets and not enough motorcycles. One of Drew’s favorite sayings is, ” You may not be able to change the world, but you can change someone’s world”.


Greg Coleman

Board Member

Greg Coleman is a world traveler and jack of all trades. He grew up on a farm in northern Australia and now calls North Carolina Home with his wife Jennifer and two teenage children. He is currently operating an independent renewable energy power plant in Charlotte, NC and endeavoring to support sustainable projects in the pacific islands.

The basic needs of people in third world countries can be easily met with the help of people’s generosity in the developed world. Helping to facilitate that connection is a something Greg has dedicated his life to. Greg has been working on the periphery of Wellspring for many years participating in projects and events with Neale, including a motorcycle adventure ride in South Africa to a Wellspring project. Now it is an honor to be on the board and have a more direct ability to help those in need.

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